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Our Mission

The Phoenixville Business Alliance (PBA) is an organization of independent business owners committed to strengthening and invigorating the local economy, and to promoting the unique character, history and future of downtown Phoenixville.

Our Story

Over 20 years ago, a group of local businesses came together in an effort to support the regrowth of Phoenixville following the collapse of the steel industry. These dedicated entrepreneurs formed the Phoenixville Area Business Association (PABA). As an organization, PABA worked with the Borough of Phoenixville and the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce to rebuild and revive the downtown business community.

As the community of Phoenixville continues to grow, we have redefined the organization and emerged as the Phoenixville Business Alliance (PBA). We continue to work together with local businesses and organizations to help our community thrive, now expanding our core focus beyond the downtown businesses to support the greater Phoenixville business community as a whole.

PBA’s primary goals are to support local businesses, build community and help shape the direction of Phoenixville’s future working collaboratively with Borough Hall, the Chamber of Commerce, and other key local organizations.

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Meet PBA’s Officers

Cameron Peters: PBA President

Photo by Kayla Cher Photography
Cameron Peters

Cameron has been in the floral industry for the past 26 years. After opening her store on Bridge Street in 2017, Cameron decided to become active in the Phoenixville community. Cameron joined the Phoenixville Area Business Association in 2017, not long after opening her store. Although also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, she recognized the importance of working closely with other small businesses within the community to build relationships.

Since opening, Cameron started the Adopt-A-Wreath program, spreading holiday cheer downtown. She has been appointed to the Beautification Advisory Commission for the Borough and currently serves as President of the Phoenixville Business Alliance. Cameron is also the 2019 recipient of the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce Merit Award.

Cameron Peters Floral Design is located at 247 Bridge Street in Phoenixville. A full service floral shop, Cameron specializes in weddings, parties, special events, and unique custom arrangements.

Linda Dieffenbach: PBA Vice President

Linda moved to Phoenixville in 2015 and immediately fell in love with the community. She opened her office, Wellness in Harmony, on Church Street the same year. Soon after, she became engaged in the local business community as a member of the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Phoenixville Area Business Association (now PBA).

Although circumstance have shifted the dynamics of her business, she is committed to the Phoenixville community and it’s businesses. She is excited to step into her role as Vice President of PBA and support the growth of her community.

Linda is a gifted Holistic Healing Arts Practitioner and Coach, specializing in supporting individuals in pain management, stress and anxiety reduction, trauma recovery and increasing overall health and well-being. Her business, Wellness in Harmony is currently located within YogaLife Institute at 860 E. Swedesford Rd. Wayne PA 19087. She is also the founder and host the the Autumn Goddess Retreat Festival, and annual fundraiser supporting the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County.

Photo by Neal K Photography
Linda Dieffenbach, BSW, RMT

Deborah Sween Beebee, PBA Treasurer

Deborah Sween Beebee headshot
Deborah Sween Beebee

In 2010, Deborah and her husband decided to open a business that they were passionate about. The Community Eco Store supports Sustainable Living and Resource Saving Products for Eco-Friendly Lifestyles.  They looked at many communities and chose to open in Phoenixville because the  surrounding communities shared their passion for Eco-Friendly, healthy life styles. They also appreciated the creative, artistic and musically oriented nature of the community.  

Deborah and Steve are active in the Phoenixville community. They are on the board of the Phoenixville Green Team and organizers of the Green Earth Festival. They are also members of the Phoenixville Regional Chamber Of Commerce, the Colonial Theater and Phoenixville Historical Society.

In the past, Deborah actively helped three small startup companies in the automotive distribution and wholesale/retail software industry grow by applying her expertise in marketing, sales, accounting, communication, and negotiating. She also has strong analytical and training skills.

Joan M. Beregi: PBA Secretary

Joan M. Beregi

Joan has an extensive history supporting the growth and revitalization of the Phoenixville community. In 2003, as the revitalization began and new businesses sprouted, Joan voluntarily worked with her friend, then President of PABA , to help recruit new businesses to join the association. In 2004, she joined the Phoenixville Candlelight House Tour Committee, and later became co-director of until she stepped down in 2010. During that time, PABA was beginning to become a stronger voice in our revitalization, especially with the start of Phoenixville’s First Friday.  She continued helping with PABA as the First Friday grew to entail a different theme each month which included exciting, new family entertainment.  

In 2006, PABA decided to sponsor the Christmas Parade which had been cancelled for over a decade. They wanted the Parade to be a part of the Dec. First  Friday and the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and include The Holiday House Tour the next day!   Joan successfully helped in soliciting businesses for sponsorship, not only for the parade, but for the costumes we still enjoy today!  The same year, she began working with the Friends of Reservoir Park to have the new dog park installed.

In 2007, Joan was elected to the Board of Directors at the Phoenix Village Art Center, later serving as President until 2016. The Art Center’s monthly exhibits were the inspiration to start First Fridays and they worked closely with PABA  to support them and other Community events. For the past 3 years, she’s continued working to help with PABA while also volunteering for other annual community events like the Green Earth Festival.

Now, as the Phoenixville Business Alliance emerges to expand its support of the local businesses and surrounding community, Joan had eagerly stepped into a formal role in the organization as PBA’s Secretary.