Looking for something fun to do? Come to Phoenixville! We have it all! Live music, theater, dance, movies both old and new, and LOTS of family and community events all year long.

Family & Community Events

Phoenixville events
Blob Fest at the Colonial
Phoenixville Pumpkin Fest
Pumpkin Fest

This town really knows how to bring people together!

We love to draw a crowd together for a bit of fun and excitement, and often a bit of silliness, to boot! Occasionally, we even get a little formal and dress all fancy. Throughout the year, Phoenixville hosts community and family events downtown, in our local parks and throughout the borough.

We have many annual events that everyone looks forward to, such as First Friday’s, Blob Fest, the Dogwood Festival, Phoenixville Blues Fest, the Original Phoenixville Food Truck Festival, the Firebird Festival and many more. Newer events and festivals, like the Phoenixville Bed Races and the Adult Prom are quickly gaining popularity, too. If you are looking for something interesting to do over the weekend, there’s a good chance we have something going on. If not a festival, our local theaters and restaurants bring in some great live entertainment.

Coming Soon: Phoenixville Event Listings

Concerts & Live Music

Phoenixville is well know for it’s arts and music, and we love to show off our local talent. On any given weekend, you can find lots of opportunities to see live music downtown. We have great local bands, but we also attract some ‘big name’ musicians and bands to entertain us.

During the summer, local musician’s play outside along Bridge and Main Streets. First Friday’s hosts several great bands. The Colonial Theater provides several concerts throughout the year.

There’s always something interesting too check out.

Phoenixville events
Phoenixville Blues Fest
Phoenixville live music
The Bent Benjamins at WuffJam

Theater and the Arts

Information coming soon!