Phoenixville invites you to explore our vibrant community and beautiful countryside, enjoy the broad range of activities and entertainment available, and discover all the hidden gems we have to offer.

Photo by Linda Dieffenbach

Our community is built on a rich heritage, inhabited for over 10,000 years by the Manovan, members of the Lenape American Indians. European settlement began in the 1600’s as settlers sought riches within the land.

During the Revolution, Phoenixville and surrounding areas played a key role in the battle for freedom. The encampment at Valley Forge and several critical battles fought in the area were pivotal to the success of the rebel army. Phoenixville marks the farthest inland point that the British army reached during the war. In Chester Springs, just south of Phoenixville, lies the remnant of one of the field hospitals that serviced the wounded soldiers of Washington’s army.

Beyond the Revolution, members of the Phoenixville community have served, fought and sacrificed in every war and conflict to date. We are proud of every man and woman who had stepped up to protect the foundation of our country.

During the 1800’s, the steel industry evolved beginning as a Grist Mill along French Creek and eventually grew across the area, becoming part of Phoenix Iron Works. The Phoenixville steel industry fed the development of rail lines, high rise buildings, bridges, and viaducts across the nation. Phoenixville was also known during that time for its production of Etruscan Majolica, a form of pottery popular during the Victorian era.

The community of Phoenixville was founded by and built on the value of immigrants, both historically and in the present: European, Asian, African, Southern and Central American. We have a diverse population which brings us a wealth of innovation and gifts.

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What Makes Phoenixville Special

Beyond our rich history, unique businesses and variety of things to do, Phoenixville offers something very special.

Photo by Linda Dieffenbach
Firebird Festival
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Ladies Night Out

At its core, Phoenixville is a deeply connected community of people who work together and are invested in each other and the town. We host family friendly and community events year round, bringing people from all over the region together. We come together to support each other in times of need, we work together to grow, and we celebrate our lives together.

To highlight just a few gems in Phoenixville:

  • Has a thriving arts and theater community
  • Proudly supports local musicians
  • Many residents are proud owners of rescue pets
  • Is a Healthy Living community
  • Has the best Farmers Market in Chester County
  • Numerous state and local parks to explore and hike
  • Support entrepreneurs, local and small businesses
  • The first town in Chester County to commit to sustainability
  • Strong community connections
  • Home to numerous charitable organizations
  • Is working towards reducing its carbon footprint through biking trails and rail lines

Come visit us and discover all we have to offer!

The Phoenixville Business Alliance is proud to be part of the Phoenixville community. We not only support local business, but are invested in the health and well-being of our town. Working together with local organizations, we create the opportunity for growth and prosperity in the community we love dearly.